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The new steering wheel
SW4 is one of the most versatile steering wheels in the market,
compatible with a long list of ECU protocols, to meet any driver’s need.
Four versions, for all uses.
Compatible with more than 2,000 ECU protocols
SW4 is one of the most versatile steering wheels in the market, with a long list of compatible ECU protocols,
to meet any driver’s need.
Freely configurable pages
The high contrast TFT display offers a wide range of possible graphic data layouts,
showing the driver all the information he needs in real time.
Individually configurable pushbuttons
8 completely configurable buttons and 2 additional free contact normally open buttons.
Rotary switches
SW4 has 3 completely configurable rotary switches.
One by one configurable LEDs
Shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED color and RPM threshold values which will turn it on/off.
The 4 Alarms LEDs are configurable too.
Clutch and Paddle shifts (optional)
SW4 can be upgraded adding paddle shifts and clutch shifts.
Maximum grip and comfort
The ergonomic handle grips are made of high-density polyurethane, designed for the best grip and comfort in any racing situation, and they’re fully replaceable.
beyond the steering wheel
Thanks to the optional GPS09c, as you start
a track session, lap and split times sampling starts,
as well as speed, position and acceleration...
all the information you need for engine tuning
as well as for improving your driving technique.
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Easy configuration with RaceStudio 3
With RaceStudio 3
any steering wheel function
can be shaped on your needs.
Review your performance
Key data can be showed during the race and at the end of the session.
You can choose what you need to be showed during the configuration.
Analysis of your race data with RaceStudio 3
With RaceStudio 3 Analysis you can analyze all data recorded by SW4 and downloaded to your PC.
From track
to Sim Racing
Now with your SW4 Steering wheel
firmware upgrade* you can train yourself
with a real motorsport steering wheel.
Your simulator detects SW4 as a game controller,
which can be configured in every single button
to match your real race car.
Update at the latest firmware your SW4,
connect it to the wheel base and start your virtual race.
Race Studio Analysis 3 will analyze your data
both in real racing experience and in simulation
to compare and improve your performance
with some of the best racing simulator out there.
*Ver. 02.40.15
Roger Caddell free online seminars
The webinars co-host is James Colborn.
Please note that you can find ALL the seminars and much more on the AiM Sports YouTube page.