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SmartyCam 3 GP
The ultimate motorsport camera
by AiM with bullet cam
SmartyCam 3 GP belongs to a family of products
that comes in 4 versions:
Configurable overlays
The new SmartyCam 3 GP camera has been designed for motorsport with a single purpose:
SmartyCam 3 GP camera overlays all the data from both GPS and AiM loggers connected to your ECU
SmartyCam 3 Configuration
With Race Studio 3 software you can configure your overlays in a virtually infinite variety of ways: add your logo and the track map and choose your graphic objects from a list of pre-determined sets with same layout or even single objects from different sets. Your videos will be truly "yours" in all details, from the data to their graphic layout.
Video analysis with Analysis 3
The video of a whole session, once downloaded on your PC, can now be split - with a simple click - in individual videos of each lap: so that you can simultaneously watch two of them and check where you were faster or slower.
The same operation can be performed with a
SmartyCam 3 GP video recorded on the same track: you will be able to compare your best lap with your friends personal best!
Automatic track selection
SmartyCam 3 GP automatically recognizes
the track its racing on and easily draws it
and calculate lap number, lap times and rolling times.
Automatic data and video synchronization
In case data in the MP4 are not enough for your analysis,
simply import video file and data from your AiM logger
and the software will automatically synchronize
position on the track, video frame and data on the graph.
Video and data in the same file
Your video and the most important data in the same MP4 file.
Video output
SmartyCam 3 GP features a video output
with SDI interface.
It allows to send the video/audio stream
to a streamer at 30 or 60 fps to perform
a video streaming.
CAN connection
Connector labelled EXP is used to CAN connect the camera
with AiM systems. In the CAN network SmartyCam 3 GP
can be a master or a slave and can be connected
to different AiM devices.
The second CAN is dedicated to ECU connection
with more than 2,000 protocols supported, constantly
This connection can also be configured to communicate
with other devices through Race Studio 3 software.
USB-C connection
USB-C port, placed in the side flap,
makes any transfer from PC to SmartyCam 3 GP
and viceversa easy and fast.
Using the proper cable, USB-C port makes it
possible to send configuration, updating, tracks
and settings to SmartyCam 3 GP and to download data
and video after every session.
Connection examples
Additional features
Full internal datalogger
All data received from the CAN bus and from the internal sensors are recorded in .mp4 files produced at the end of your test, your SD (or MSD) Card contains all the information you need for a deep data analysis. SD card sold separately.
Designed for the extreme
An on-board camera designed for motorsport must guarantee great resistance against the extreme working conditions typical of racing and against the most adverse weather.
That is why SmartyCam 3 GP is IP65 waterproof made in machinery molded aluminum, PA fiberglass reinforced and features sapphire frontal glass for a complete protection.
Automatic Start & Stop
You have other things to think about while you are racing and SmartyCam 3 is aware of that.
That is why it switches on/off automatically and starts/stops recording in the same way.
No "Wave Effect"
with Global Shutter CMOS
Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are a big problem for video recording. You will never experience again that seasick “wave effect” you get watching videos recorded by a generic camera when the car rolls at 7,000 RPM.
SmartyCam 3 cameras have been designed for that environment and for those vibrations.
“Wave effect” is just a distant memory.
High quality
with small size video files
Generic HD cameras are focused on the highest pixels number. The result is that their video files are far too large, taking too much memory; for this reason SmartyCam 3 videos have the same quality as other Full HD cameras (1920x1080 pixels @ 60 fps) but their files are smaller because the H.264 compression system parameters have been optimized to perfectly balance video quality and file size.
One more thing...
Exclusively designed for professional use,
SmartyCam 3 GP Pro features
2 AS Micro Xtra Lite Deutsch connectors
and an internal EMMC 64 GB storage
in addition to the SD Card slot.
More powerful and faster
than ever.
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