RS3 Beta 3.50.10



Bugfix in PDM configuration: calculated or precalculated gear channel wasn't properly managed.

Bugfix in PDM configuration: if an alarm implied a condition upon an invalid channel, and that channel was set to valid, the alarm wasn't properly working.


Minor fixes.

RS3 Beta 3.50.09



Login: improved management for failed logins, now RS3 warns users for either bad user-name/password or mail not confirmed.

Bugfix: in the login password we realized that the special character tilde '~' was managed in website account while wasn't managed in RS3. We fixed RS3 in order to manage it (some users reported issues).

Bugfix: fixed parsing of mov files while downloading.

Analysis import window now better informs users in case a mov file can't be imported, this as we noticed from feedbacks that the most of these cases were due to either missing metadata in mov or no GPS signal in metadata.

Database preview window, added some information in the advanced info window, to know the firmware versions of all the slave units used to generate the xrk files.


Configuration: added new user fonts for display pages.

Bugfix: upon changing the expansion serial number in a configuration, some alarms and other minor features, could stop working.

RS3 Beta 3.50.08



Bugfix: there was cases for which the feedbacks couldn't be sent (the 'send' button getting red).

Improvement: added the possibility to upload files to AiM.

Improvement: added the mamagement of dragsters 'tracks' for the new Junior Dragsters M5-660.

Bugfix: in RS3A, the saving of profiles didn't properly manage windows that were closed before saving.

Bugfix: there were cases in which some samples twins with reversed timestamps in the xrk files generated a bad computation of distance and from here an erratic speed trace in the plots.

Bugfix: there were cases in which the session file was showing a different number of laps if imported into RS2A or RS3A.

Bugfix: there were cases in which the 25 or 15 FPS setting on the SmartyCam forbade a correct sync with xrk files.

Bugfix: the download window for the SmartyCam (very rarely used, as normally download happens through SD card) could wrongly show a message saying 'SD card missing' hence showing an empty mov file list.

Bugfix: the download of mov files from the SD card didn't copy the downloaded files into a different folder.

Bugfix: Changing comments into the session properties window didn't work for mov files.

Bugfix: there were cases in which importing sessions the comments eventually in it were not correctly imported.

Bugfix: there were cases in which all shown laps became of the same color.

Bugfix: there were cases in which importing sessions with no GPS lead to a software crash.

Configuration - PDM

Bugfix: there were cases in which a condition related to an invalid channel, reset to valid channel, was no more managed by device.

Bugfix: in PDM Gear Calulated/Precalculated channel was not correctly managed by device.

RS3 Beta 3.50.03


Bugfix: while importing data there could be cases in which the track was not automatically recognized.

Bugfix: in the login window we added some verifications for the validity of user password.

Bugfix: in the weather forecasts in tracks DB we avoided a refresh that could make data disappear.

Bugfix: in the movie window a message warns users in case a mov file is no more avaiilable (i.e. it has been possibly deleted outside the database or it was into a SD card that is no more in its reader).

Bugfix: improved sinchronization when xrk and mov files have laps in different placement (very unlikely, but it could happen).

RS3 Beta 3.50.02

First public release on AiM website.