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AiM Sports - the leader in motorcycle racing data acquisition
  Featured Products:
mychron tg log motorcycle data acquisition system
Engineered especially for
motorcycles. Compact 4 channel
data logger with 8 MB of memory.

From $549

mychron light tg motorcycle racing lap timer
"...the ticket to faster lap times."
-Super Moto Racer Magazine
Compact on board lap timer.

From $269

multichron digital stopwatch
Digital stopwatch tracks 4
racers simultaneously, shows best times, split times and more.


Motorcycle Racing Data Loggers and Digital Displays for Race Data Acquisition
MXL plug and play kit installed on GSXR 1000

MXL Plug and Play kit on a GSXR 1000.

Motorcycle Plug and Play kits for racing data acquisition

MXL Pista data acquisition racing kit for the GSXR shown. Kits also available with the MyChron3 Gold data logger.

Plug and Play Kits for Motorcycle Racing and Street Bikes

Plug and play systems from AiM Sports are a great way to add the power of data acquisition to your motocycle racing program and add a stunning digital display to your bike.

AiM Sports plug and play systems are a complete replacement for your stock dash.

The systems are pre-configured and specially tailored for specific models of race and street bikes and contain the specific harnesses, connectors, mounting hardware and other items needed for an easy installation.
[Read more about plug and play systems for street and race motorcycles.]

Systems available for:
Honda CBR-RR
Suzuki GSXR
Yamaha R1/R6
Kawasaki ZX6R/ZX10R

Don't see your bike on the list? No worries. You can still do a standard installation with an MXL or MyChron3 system with sensors. The TG Log system is another option.

Special Note for Ducati Motorcycles: Ducati bikes have an 'immobilizer' circuit built into the dash, which prevents plug and play replacement. You can still do a standard installation.

Call us at 800.718.9090 and we'll recommend a system tailored to your bike, riding style, racing program and budget.

RRW Chooses MyChron Light TG Lap Timer for Superbike Shootouts: "worked flawlessly"

TG lap timer used in superbike testingRoad Racing World magazine used the MyChron Light TG lap timer for several recent track tests, as reported in the April and May 2006 issues. In the April issue, an extensive 1000cc superbike shootout entitled "Horsepower for All" compared the Ducati 999S, Kawasaki ZX-10R, Honda CBR1000RR, Suzuki GSXR-R1000, Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1 LE at SMMP in Pahrump, Nevada.

"To record lap times, we utilized AiM Sports MyChron Light TG on-board lap timers and a trackside trigger beacon. We mounted the lap timers with Velcro, and they worked flawlessly during our test." See the April 2006 issue, pages 22-53 for the test results.

In the May 2006 issue, "The Arms Race Continues" tested the Honda CBR600RR, Kawasaki ZX-6R, Suzuki GSX-R600 and Yamaha YZF-R6 were tested at the Streets of Willow, again with MyChron Light TG lap timers. See the May 2006 issue, pages 20-42.

Motorcycle-USA.com Reviews MyChron Light TG Lap Timer: "... quite impressive ..."
MyChron Light TG Lap Timer Lap Counter for Motorcycle Racing

The MyChron Light TG is a compact digital lap timer designed for motorcycle racing. Photo courtesy Motorcycle-USA.com.

“The most useful part of the unit is its large screen and easy-to-read display ... thanks to the large digits and 45-degree display angle, one quick glance gives you all the info you'll need.”

“Once back in the pits the MyChron makes it easy to quickly determine a session's fastest lap time or cycle through each time sequentially.”

“ While getting lap times on the fly is great, the real power of the MyChron Light TG is the ability to download the lap data to your computer for in-depth analysis.”

“...the MyChron Light TG unit is quite impressive and exactly what MotorcycleUSA needed to include reliable lap times to our tests.”

Read the full review on Motorcycle-USA.com's website.

Learn more about the MyChron Light TG lap timer [product page] [price and availabililty].

Road Racing World Magazine Features AiM Sports Plug and Play Systems
motorcycle race data acquisition systems

MXL display shown. Kits also available with the MyChron3 Gold.

"We recently spent time with two of AiM Sports' self-contained data-logger/dashboard replacement systems for sport bikes ... we also saw how the relatively small investment to obtain and set the systems up could result in better race set-ups and faster lap times for club racers and enthusiastic track day riders as well as professionals."

"I consider the MyChron3 Gold a practical and useful tool for anyone serious about going faster. ...
I would consider purchasing a MyChron3 Gold before some other go-fast parts."

The extensive article details the value of data acquisition to racers of all levels, with detailed information drawn from actual track testing.

See Road Racing World Magazine, September 2005 issue, pages 56-61. and October 2005 issue pages 100-105.

MOTORCYCLIST Magazine shows off MXL on 200-HP Suzuki GSXR-1000

Check out the article "Kagayama Express" starting on page 76 of the May 2005 issue of Motorcyclist.

The Kagayama Express is a limited edition GSX-R1000 produced by Suzuki that closely matches the specifications and performance of the bikes that dominated the British Superbike Championshop of 2004. Motorcyclist describes the MXL as "sophisticated" and "just like the big boys."

Supermoto Racer magazine features AiM Sports TG Log on TOKYOMODS CRF450R
The numbers don't lie, so Tokyomods has developed a sweet data acquisition system based off the AIM Sports computer [AiM Sports MyChron Light TG LOG]. The control module is tucked behind the radiator shroud and monitors engine RPM, water temp, rear wheel speed, throttle position and lap times. If you're a serious racer, this is a must-have. You can download your data onto a laptop computer and really tell if the rider keeps it pinned all the time like he says he is. When you consider the entire unit costs less than three sets of tires, it could help a rider improve, not to mention monitor the engine. Lap times are recorded and appear on screen for a rider to monitor during practice or qualifying. [Read the full article]
Motorcycle Racers Can Benefit From Segment Timing Technique

Segment timing, also known as split timing, is the technique of dividing a track into sections and keeping times for each section, all of which add up to the complete lap time. By splitting a lap into distinct sections, a rider can isolate the section that is slowing him down the most, and adjust the bike and his technique to compensate. Recently the AMA began testing a segment timing system... [ Read more ]

See the MXL in action!
Sample video of an MXL on a Kawasaki ZX 10R motorcycle on the Mugello One track in Tuscany, Italy, kindly provided by our customer Aldo Flenda.
If you are having trouble playing the clip, get the DivX codec.

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