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AiM GS-Dash
AiM GS-Dash, the display for EVO4S and EVO5
GS-Dash has been designed to show data sampled by the new generation of AiM loggers, EVO4S and EVO5*: all data coming from your vehicle ECU, from the GPS, from your sensors, as well as from the inertial platform.
G-Dash and EVO4
* GS-Dash is NOT compatible with EVO4.
Easy and immediate
In its compact structure, GS-Dash features a wide 268x128 pixel display to maximise readability.
The screen can be backlighted in one of the seven available colors.
The incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.
Up to 9 pages showing the data you wish, the way you wish
GS-Dash swaps among pages showing lap times and data in a 100% customizable way: just choose your data and create your pages displaying up to 8 fields each.
The "RPM and Lap Time" page layout is also available to display RPM Graph, Lap Time and three channels of your choice.
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Custom page with 1 field
Custom page with 2 fields
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Custom page with 3 fields
Custom page with 4 fields
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Custom page with 4 fields + RPM bar
Custom page with 8 fields
Lap times
You can visualize the rolling time, or static or predictive lap time (as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the Best Lap).
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Predictive as difference
vs. Best
Fully configurable
shift lights and alarm LEDs
GS-Dash features five individually configurable RGB LED shift lights: you will choose color and value thresholds for their activation.
In addition, they can also be configured to show your best lap/split time or monitor RPM level.
Alarm LEDs are configurable as well and can be managed in a very flexible way: you can choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behavior (blinking frequency and color) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off.
A warning message can also be shown.
Configuration of Shift lights, alarms and customized data pages is intuitive and immediate using the dedicated Race Studio 3 software.
More info
Recall your session
A key-data summary is available at the end of each session: the three best laps of the session with their times, min/max speed and min/max RPMs.
In the following pages you can also see a list of all the laps of the session.
Keyboard operations
GS-Dash can perform some operations via the pop-up keyboard:
Enabling/disabling the backlight
Selecting the track you are racing in the list of the 30 nearest tracks automatically prompted by GS-Dash
Checking GS-Dash firmware version
Deleting the data stored in EVO4S/EVO5 memory
Compact and resistant chassis
Its small dimension makes it particularly suitable for small cockpit installation (i.e. bikes, formula cars).
Totally in aluminum, with edge-to-edge glass and metallic pushbuttons,
GS-Dash is robust and fully waterproof.
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