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Spare parts
GPS08 Module
Part number: X40GPS8AM050 – GPS08 Module car/bike with 50 cm length cable
X40GPS8AM130 – GPS08 Module car/bike with 1.3 m length cable
X40GPS8AM200 – GPS08 Module car/bike with 2 m length cable
X40GPS8AM400 – GPS08 Module car/bike with 4 m length cable
X40GPS802RF – GPS08 Module Roof version with 2 m length cable
X40GPS804RF – GPS08 Module Roof version with 4 m length cable
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Expansion modules
AiM Channel Expansion
Channel Expansion
Channel Expansion is the new compact CAN device that provides virtually endless data acquisition system expansion options.
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LCU-One monitors air/fuel ratio, making your engine run at its best!
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AiM SmartyCam HD
SmartyCam HD cameras
The new professional cameras designed for motorsports.
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